Room Addition in Woodland Hills, CA

Adding an extension to your home is a smart way to enhance both the value and functionality of any home. Hiring home addition contractors who are experienced in building room  additions that blend seamlessly with your existing home is crucial. AmerBuild’s room additions in Woodland Hills, CA include project supervision and the best materials installed by our experts. Because we value our clients' time, AmerBuild works with the most urgency and craftsmanship to create first-class room additions in Woodland Hills, CA when you need them most.


A home addition can expand your living spaces, create unique areas in your house and give new dimension to your home. Room additions in Woodland Hills, CA are a bit like building a new house: you'll need new foundation, walls, floor, and roof and all the connectivity like wires, pipes, and insulation. Homeowners have two options for an addition: build out or build up. Building out generally allows homeowners to remain in the house during construction. Whether you are considering building up, out, or both, Amerbuild’s new room addition in Woodland Hills, CA can add much needed space and value to your home.

Different Types of Home and Room Additions in Woodland Hills, CA include:

  • Home Renovations

  • Sun Rooms

  • Curb Appeal (anything to make the home look good)

  • Detachments 

  • Personal Renovations (pool/spa etc.)

Where Can I Find Affordable Room Additions?

At AmerBuild, we know that home additions can be confusing and expensive, but we take the necessary steps to make sure that your project moves forward with minimal problems. If you're thinking about building a room addition in Woodland Hills, CA, choose us! We pay close attention to detail and are dedicated to bringing you a space you'll love. When building your addition, it is important that whoever does the job properly reviews your existing home or buildings plan to make sure nothing will cause issues during the construction process of your project. Our contractors have decades of construction management experience building all types of expansion and conversion home addition projects and are well versed on all aspects of the process.

Room additions are a huge construction project that involve creating an additional building structure and integrating it with the rest of a home or existing building. No two projects are alike but relying on a company with decades of experience and a team that loves what they do means our clients can take confident steps toward achieving their goals. During your consultation, professional contractors will help you determine how much space you need, how you would like to use it and where the right place for an addition on your property is. AmerBuild’s building process reduces time and provides honesty when it comes to the budget and the many steps of your room addition project. We work hard to keep the room addition cost affordable. Whether you're feeling claustrophobic in your space or just purchased a home with the intent of rebuilding, our team of builders can help achieve the transformation you have in mind. AmerBuild believes in designing seamless room additions while making the process as easy as possible.

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