A bathroom remodel can be one of the most difficult, yet also, one of the most rewarding home renovation projects a homeowner can tackle. The bathroom is smaller and more intimate than most of the other rooms in the home, and can present unique design challenges for that reason. Those challenges are hardly insurmountable, and the end reward is uniquely satisfying in a way that other room renovations are not.

The intimacy of the bathroom is what makes the remodel so rewarding. It is a personal space that is generally only used by one or two people at a time, and which is only used a few times a day. The infrequency with which it is used means that it takes a lot more time to get acclimated to the changes, which means that those changes can be appreciated for much longer. When you decide that your bathroom is ready for a new look, call Amerbuild; we will take on any bathroom remodelling in Woodland Hills and the surrounding areas. We will make your new bathroom the star of your home.

Bathroom Remodel Budget Planning

Any room renovation can be a tumultuous process if there is not a coherent plan in place, and the bathroom is no different. There can be unexpected—and unwelcome—surprises: faulty wiring can present a fire hazard; poorly installed plumbing can cause leaks; damaged floor joists could cause broken tiles and/or structural damage. As with any room remodel an emergency fund should be set aside to take care of any such surprises.

Since the bathroom is a smaller space than other rooms the planning process is not as complex. However, it is still one of the most important rooms in the house, so no details should be skipped over or overlooked.

The Steps To Take in a Bathroom Remodel

  1. First, think about the practical aspects of the bathroom’s design. How many people use it regularly? Is it purely functional, or do you sometimes go there to relax? These, and similar, questions can help you and/or a professional designer determine the room’s general design. This includes whether you want a large bathtub, a vanity, an advanced showerhead, or some other amenity.
  2. Next, think about the scale of the bathroom remodel. Sometimes the bathroom simply needs a facelift; this can include new fixtures, new lighting, or a fresh coat of paint. Other times, a full reconstruction is needed. Make sure that you know how big the job will be before you start.
  3. The layout of the bathroom is the next step. Think about how the various elements of the bathroom fit together and whether they are arranged in the most efficient way possible. If you are going to do a full reconstruction of the bathroom, then the planning and design stages are the best time to arrange everything to your liking.
  4. Consider the flooring. This can sometimes get neglected during a bathroom remodel, but it is an important element of the bathroom. There are many water-resistant options from which to choose, such as marble, ceramic, or concrete. Since the bathroom is a smaller space, you will not be using as much material, so the cost will not be as high as it would be in other rooms.
  5. Don’t forget the lighting. Lighting is an important aspect of the bathroom because it can be multifunctional; task lighting is useful for applying makeup, shaving, and so on. Ambient lighting creates a mood, and accent lighting can highlight certain design elements.

A Bathroom Remodel is a Big Job No Matter the Size of the Room

Regardless of whether a bathroom is big or small, it can be a monumental job to give it a new and updated look. The network of pipes and wires makes a bathroom remodel a unique challenge for some contractors, but for Amerbuild, it is a challenge which we have successfully overcome many times.

There is not a problem that we cannot solve or a design vision that we cannot bring to life. When it comes to bathroom remodelling in Woodland Hills and the surrounding areas, Amerbuild is the company you can trust to get the job done.

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