Since 1992 AMERBUILD Construction & Remodeling have been providing quality Hardwood Flooring, Mouldings, Lumber, Plywood, Doors, Windows, and Stone Flooring.
Laminate and Wood Flooring (both Solid and Engineered). Our Service always includes: Moving the Heavy Furniture, Removing and Disposing of the old carpeting (if needed), Prepping the floor as needed, Installing the new flooring, and placing the Furniture back. We service southern california and take enormous pride in our work & service.

Woodland Hills Amerbuild Home Construction Flooring

Patios & Decks

We will come to your home, measure and diagram the area, advise on best materials for your needs, show you samples & give you a Free No-Obligation Estimate. If you decide to move forward, we will deliver and install the job as early as within the next couple of days. We invite you to check our ratings & reviews on yelp.
Most popular flooring option:

Engineered Wood

Engineered wood features a top veneer of real wood backed by layers of cheaper plywood. This construction makes the flooring more stable and much less susceptible to changes in temperature and humidity than solid wood.

Instead of plywood backing, some newer varieties have substrates made from recycled wood fiber mixed with stone dust to provide extreme dimensional stability. Engineered wood is a good choice for kitchens and basements, as well as for installation over in-floor heating systems.

Engineered wood can be nailed, glued or installed as a floating floor over a cushioned pad. More manufacturers are producing self-locking, or “clickable,” engineered wood flooring that installs without glue or nails. Clickable flooring comes as planks or parquet squares and makes a good DIY project. Prices are comparable to solid wood.

Other Services 

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