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When you realize that you need more space in your home, that it needs sprucing up, or if you simply want to make it more valuable for sale in the future, then a home addition, or a home renovation, is the best method to do so. There are many reasons why a family might end up needing more space than the house they are currently living in provides, and the process of selling the current home, finding a new one, and then moving into it can be an exhausting process that few would want to even consider much less attempt. An addition to your home in Woodland Hills and anywhere else is a relatively simple way to create the space needed to accommodate a growing family or visiting friends or relatives.

A renovation can give a room a fresh new look, added functionality, and increase the home’s overall value. Additions and renovations are two big jobs that require a lot of planning, here are some of the things you need to know before starting either type of project.

The Types of Home Additions

Additional Rooms

Adding a room to a house involves building out or building up, the former means adding a ground level room or addition to the house, while the latter means adding a room to the second story or adding a second story altogether. A ground level addition is a good way to add space to an existing room without causing much disruption to the rest of the home. However, there are a few things that need to be considered first: a new foundation may have to be installed; there will be a reduction in yard/property space; it may be necessary to acquire a zoning variance before construction can begin.

Building up can eliminate some of the problems of a ground level addition since a new foundation will not be needed, this method does have its own set of factors to think about though. For one, the existing foundation may need to be strengthened in order to support the additional weight. You will also need to check to see if the town’s rules limit the height of a home, also if you are building an entirely new story, then a staircase needs to be added, and that can reduce the existing interior space.

Regardless of the type of addition, an architect will need to be consulted to make sure that the addition blends in well with the rest of the house. A structural engineer will also need to be consulted to make sure that the design plans are structurally sound. Only professional and experienced home addition contractors can do justice with your dream project.


A sunroom is technically an additional room, but a far simpler—and cheaper one. These typically consist of an aluminum frame with glass panels to let in the light. You should consider whether the sunroom will be a four-season or a three season room, which means that extra heating may be necessary if it is to be used in the winter, though that will add to the costs. Preferably sunrooms are also available and may be a more cost-effective option for some.

Detached Additions

As the name suggests, a detached addition is one that occupies its own space on the existing property. This kind of addition can be prefabricated or it can be custom made; the former option is often just a simple shed and is less expensive, but it may lack electricity, heat, and plumbing. A custom made home addition can be a small guest house complete with all, or most, of the amenities expected in a home, and is, therefore, more expensive to construct.

Home Renovations

A home renovation or remodel is a less expensive way to add new life to a home. A renovation can freshen up the look of an existing room with a new redesign, it can add to the value of the home, and it can even add more space, even though not as much as an additional room. A home renovation can be done for your own personal benefit or to add to the home’s resale value, whatever the case may be, here are the different types of home renovations.

Curb Appeal Renovations

These renovations make the home look good, are fairly inexpensive, and can be done by the homeowner. By hiring professional contractors for your home addition, you will be able to make a great first impression and can include:

  • A well-tended lawn
  • Great landscaping
  • Fresh paint
  • Clean siding
  • Good lighting
  • Sharp, legible address numbers

None of these are too expensive and they do not require the service of experts, even good lighting and solar powered lights are inexpensive, simple to install, and can highlight the landscaping, or any part of the house you wish to show off. Curb appeal renovations do not necessarily add value to the home, but they can help it to get sold faster.

Value Added Renovations

These types of renovations can increase the resale value of the home or simply make the home more attractive and liveable for the current homeowners. These can consist of kitchen renovations, which can include a new countertop, new cabinets, and new flooring. Bathroom renovations also add value to the home and can include new cabinets, new flooring, new fixtures, and water saving features.
Installations that help to save energy are also good for current and future homeowners, as well as the environment, these can include solar panels, programmable thermostats, and tankless water heaters. All of these renovations make the home more attractive and comfortable and greatly contribute to its overall value.

Personal Renovations

These do not necessarily contribute to the value of the home, and instead may simply be things that the homeowner has always wanted. These can include:

  • Swimming Pools
  • Hot Tubs
  • Man Caves
  • Game Rooms
  • Greenhouses

If the homeowner is not worried about reselling the house in the near future, then these home additions are acceptable if it gives them personal satisfaction.

Choose The Home Addition or Renovation That Is Right For You.

Each home is different and each homeowner is different, so any additions or renovations should be based on what they need. Regardless of the choice they make, they should fully weigh the consequences and consider all of the pros and cons of their choice. These are expensive and permanent decisions so they should be carefully thought out beforehand; the homeowner should decide if they are executing the addition or renovation to increase the home’s resale value or for personal satisfaction.

What are you waiting for? Hire the best contractors for your home addition in Woodland Hills. Get in touch with us!

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